Biografia, Leidy Johana Caro Lerma

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My name is Leidy Johana Caro Lerma was born on september 24, 1996 in Espinal .

I'm torn black eyes, long black hair smooth, thick eyebrows, my nose is small, my cheeks

are defined and I have a mole on my left cheek, my outline of my face is round, my mouth

and my lips are small thin, small ears, and serious-looking skin trigella the photo may

show that the background is white and I carry a black bag.

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This is my family , which consists of my mom Alicia Aguirre,

my brotherHeriberto Caro Lerma, and my pet Salome.

It is the best family in the world, I know I can always count on

them, also always willing to colaborarme in need.

My pet (Salome) is the best dog in the world, I spend it playing in

the house, is a bitch too gentle with people, with Salome lived

five years,love her.

Salome is purebred (Pinscher) brown, is small eyes are dark

brown, loves to eat but focused and sometimes milk as food salt

in my family worship to salome.

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These are my friends. That is made up of Alejandra,

They're great people, I know I can count them, we have an

unconditional friendship, who was born about four years ago.

I love playing with my nephew (Juan Esteban ) is the child of my

eyes, in the step well is a tenderness of God, it is always

imperative and yet I spend my beautiful baby

I would like to be a great professional career Civil Ingeneria as this profession I love,

dream that in the future I will be making great constructions, they'll be tied with the best

construction, and

I will help many people who are from low-income households in need..

I would like to study in college Uniminuto of God which is located in the city of Girardot,

because it has a reference regarding the human quality of teachers, their

professionalism, allowing professionals to create a high level, also by the proximity my

place of my residency.

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